A risk management & business intelligence cloud platform which can empower a financial institution, a liquidity provider, a bank or a brokerage to monitor, identify and essentially protect your company from financial risks.

Cross-Platform Adaptive Design

Dealio can run across multiple device platforms, such as iOS,
Android, and the Universal Windows Platform

Real Time Events

Dealio has a powerful rule engine which dynamically matches any predefined rules against real-time trade data and generates events. Dealio’s real-time flagging and warning systems along with it’s smart analytics and reports provide a shield for its users by adding an extra layer for improving risk management.

Smart BI/Analytics

Gain complete insight to the information that matters to your company’s future through our BI/Analytics platform. Aggregate, shape, transform and visualize your data in a couple of seconds.

Secure by design

Your data privacy & protection is our first priority. Dealio is using military-grade encryption to protect and secure your data.

API-First Design

The API-first approach allows products to evolve into organic, self-organizing ecosystems that can grow to handle new and unforeseen demands. Dealio is using the OpenAPI specification which makes the integration with external systems extremely easy.