Social Media & Fintech

How Social Media affects Fintech?

Social media was one of the most important trends of this decade, the changes it made in the field of marketing and communications are tremendous. From clothes to food to banking services it all happens online. But how did it affect the fintech industry? And how can you improve your social media game and attract more customers?

It's not only about connections and funny posts anymore.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Are all platforms for real-time updates, marketing, and customer-business relationships. The possibilities are vast and countless businesses can benefit from them.

Companies like solarisBank (a social media influencer) and banks such as American Express are spreading news through their social media channels using links, tweets, and shares. By doing so they influence their customer base.

Social media has given birth to the new term "Fintech Marketing" which in simple terms means social media marketing done by Fintech and financial industry experts.
Marketers are searching for people in the Fintech sphere who will become followers and in return will help promote content and engage customers.

Reinforcing your brand through social channels

For people to find you and get a clear image of your firm you must have a social channel but it's not as easy as it sounds. To get this right, you first need to get the basics in place:

  • Consistent visuals
  • Clear firm profile
  • Promote your social channels (through other channels)
  • Post at least once a week
  • Post rich & interesting content

  • Successful companies are talking about what they stand for, they know who their clients are and how to talk to them. Most importantly don't try to satisfy everyone. Not all people will like your content no matter how great it is!

    Here are some techniques you can utilize to improve your social media channel:

  • Comunity forums
  • Active blogs
  • Show company roadmap and achievements
  • Ask for feedback on products
  • Support social causes

  • Follow these techniques and your social media game will improve tremendously!