Mobile and Desktop in Fintech

Mobile and Desktop

Many think that people in the Fintech industry are mostly using Desktop devices but this is far from the truth.
Since the rise of Smartphones & Tablets, Fintech has changed quite a bit.

Statistics have shown that the number of mobile phone users has reached 2.77 billion in 2017. Apart from that, 80% of people on the internet own a smartphone.

Because of that most banks are already providing online banking and mobile apps to their customers.
Mobile banking makes it easy to check a balance or quickly make a transaction. There is no need to go to a financial institution to make a transaction.



  • Large screen. More content can be shown on a larger screen. This as a very important to Fintech world as users want to view multiple kinds of data simultaneously (e.g charts, data tables)

  • Execution Speed. Desktop machines can handle multiple simultaneous tasks much better than smartphones. The bigger the better as it has more space for RAM, SSD, etc.

  • Cons:

  • Difficult to transport

  • Needs constant power source

  • Smartphones & Tablets


  • Doesn't needs constant power source

  • Smartphones & Tablets are compact and can be easily to transported

  • Cons:

  • Small Screen results in minimum amount of content shown.

  • Low communication bandwidth. Typing with two thumbs instead of a keyboard and a mouse is much slower.

  • Fintech Mobile Apps

    Fintech mobile apps are becoming more and more popular as people prefer a quick use of an app on their phone instead of visiting a website or a financial institution.

    Here are some of the most popular fintech banking apps available on mobile app stores according to innovify:


    A free money manager and financial tracker app. It bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so you know where you stand.


    Ability to send money internationally and do so up to 10 times cheaper than you would with a bank and much more.


    This app is not directly connected to any money operations but the it has alerts which will notify you of events that might have an impact on the stock market.


    A trusted digital currency exchange tool. It allows you to buy, sell and send cryptos. It also gives you the latest crypto news and much more.


    If your goal is to grow your savings this app is for you. Acorns makes it easy to save seamlessly with one of its' features "Round-Ups" which will set aside the leftover change from your purchases.